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L & B Management Firm can offer a property management service for a very competitive price. There are many benefits to working with us. Landlords who are pressed for time can concentrate on their other investments, and tenants know that they have a point of contact should they ever have concerns about the property. Indeed, we have found that an increasing number of tenants will rent only homes that are managed by a company such as ours. They appreciate the fact that problems are dealt with promptly and with a minimum of fuss.

As your property manager we will:

• Collect the monthly rent and transfer all monies owed directly into a bank account of your choice. We will also keep in regular contact with you and email or post accounts to you. You will always be up-to-date with your finances.
• Visit the property on a regular basis. Our consultants will report back our findings and advise on any maintenance that needs to be completed.
• Act as a liaison with all outside contractors and utility companies. We will always try to find the most competitive prices for any work that needs to be done to the property. If you decide on the renovations, we will deal with that side of things as well.
• Advise on tenancy renewals.
• Represent you in meetings when and where necessary.
• Arrange annual gas inspections and report the findings.
• Provide the relevant financial information to help with any tax returns you may need to complete.

More and more landlords are turning to property management companies. This allows them to concentrate on other parts of their investment portfolio, while also giving them and their tenants peace of mind.

If you would like to speak to one of our leasing agents to find out how we can help you, please contact us at (513) 471-7222. Our staff are always courteous and would be happy to take your call.

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